Through art, she celebrates women from all walks of life. Artist Shereen Audi showcases artworks to manifest the womanhood of different figures through history by combining more than 50 collage pieces held at Nofa Creative Space earlier this week.

The idea of my exhibition was to celebrate women everywhere I called the exhibition celebration of women. I wanted to celebrate confident strong capable successful women everywhere 
Shereen Audi, Celebration of Women, 2018

Audi, born in Amman, Jordan, graduated from the Institute of Fine Arts in Amman. Since her graduation, the artist has completed art and printmaking courses, in addition to multiple art workshops.

Being an artist for a long time, Audi makes art part of her daily life. “I do art to express myself or to represent a certain idea that I want to show the world in a solo exhibition every 2 years.  This is my 11th solo exhibition celebration of women.”

In her Celebration of Women exhibition, she used the technique of collage to mix multiple media on paper.  She said her process includes cutting out shapes and pictures from papers, magazines, books, newspapers, and other print media, and pasting them together.

Shereen Audi, Celebration of Women, 2018

“I glue them on a surface whether it was paper or canvas. I color some parts and use gold leaf sometimes to give the final effect. I used a certain kind of glue that is used only for collage. The shapes and the pictures that I use depend on the message or subject I want to talk about in my artwork,” She told artmejo.

At many times, the artist participated in and held exhibitions on happiness in times of hardship, simplicity over sophistication, exploration of new media in art, including videography and photography in 2014.

As she highlights the success, confidence, and backgrounds of all women, she said:

“It is a simple message [delivered as] an invitation to celebrate women whoever and wherever they are. I also wanted to give them positive, happy energy and to encourage them to keep going in this not-so-easy life of ours.  I know how much women suffer and still they are strong and capable to face all hardship in life. Cheers to all women.”
Shereen Audi, Celebration of Women, 2018

Audi believes that art should convey universal messages and address different issues, she said “my art is highly personal, but reveals a range of universal emotions and concerns that are inherent to female identity – her presence, her voice that must be heard.”

“It is really important that art highlights women and be encouraging and inspiring and uplifting for them wherever they maybe. Especially that I’m a woman myself and I face some challenges in life but I move on and keep going. I also encourage all women to do the same.”
Shereen Audi, Celebration of Women, 2018

Audi’s art is her strength; her satisfaction and her confidence-booster, her escape from reality to fantasy, in which she hopes she can empower women and people facing difficulties, to overcome challenges and keep moving forward.

All images courtesy of the artist.